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2017 On Going Belly Dance T and W 6:30 - 8 

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*Spring Goat Dance*



IThe Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. Tiverton RI









Tanagra Dance Ensemble from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

Barb, Mel, Kristen, Mel perform solos, duets, trios & all four together for parties, shows, festivals and special events...
The Dancing Spirit Studio offers Beyond Belly Dance classes for beginner - advanced levels , all ages http://www.thedancingspirit.com


The Dancing Spirit SOAH 2012 from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

The Dancing Spirit Studio Tiverton Tapestry Belly Dance Arts RI Community Show Weekend from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.


Bodacious Ensemble Feb 23,2013 from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

Bodacious Ensemble 6 Dancers for BOON DOCKS from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

Core Belly Dance Arts Training from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.



Belly Dance Duet in Shades of Purple. Show, Parties, Special Events

Shimmy Mob 2013 - Last show of 17 shows ,Boon Docks, Fall River



Shimmy Mob 2012, Main Rd, Tiverton RI

 Barb's Shimmy Mob 2013 Blog


9:30 & 5:30 www.shimmymob.com MAIN RD


9:30 PM Shimmy Mob Show @ Boon Docks


   1) Waltz Veil 2) Zills 3)Intro Talk 



                                                                 CIRCLE   PARTY  HELLO!    




                             Barb RAMBLE -Belly Dance Grabs You  ( someday a book ).

 There is never enough time, maybe especially for performing artists who always want to practice one or ten more times before a show. I always do. It is my Dharma of Mid East Oriental Belly Dance to create shows, group dances magically (feels much of time), quickly with a mix of people all ages, talents,levels. My motivation is always to share Belly Dance.

When I fell in love with Belly Dance I wanted to share it with the world. In the beginning I had many different, wonderful groups.Then I was a long time soloist. Being a soloist is amazing but it can be lonely. Many solo dancers eventually form troops. Forning a troop with a full evening repetory is one of my goals.

The DANCE is not for everyone. BELLY DANCE is a TAPESTRY. It can be learned by absolutely anyone BUT it is as challenging as BALLET for well trained dance artists. Each move or prop can be practiced as many times as a tondue or piroette to get it RIGHT especially Egyptian style.

 I have taken many workshops with many amazing teachers. I never had ONE teacher who taught me pure Egyptian dance. In my pursuit of the TRUE dance I learned many styles. I became and am a fusion tapestry dancer.

 Each Belly Dance teacher, of each style or culture has so much information. I traveled to Turkey for the dance but not to Egypt . If I had gone my dance would be very different.

RULES I love rules that require working towards high standards but I also like to break every rule and recreate everything anew .                

PROPS. Learning how to dance with a veil  skirt, sword, zills, chamadan or snake is challenging.

STYLES Some dancers don't like Egyptian style because of all the strict rules.Sometimes I have been called a too strict belly dance teacher which makes me laugh when I think of my Ballet  and Modern dance teachers. It requires training,practice,confidence to perform all Belly Dance well especially solos, when the floor is only yours

 Belly Dance is Ballet with a funny name. For a ballet, modern, jazz, tap dancer,teacher to understand Belly Dance they must take a class to understand what it is. I know if every ballet, modern dancer, teacher, woman or man who loves to dance took a Belly Dance technique class ,danced with a 3 yrd veil, cape, gypsy skirt or hip scarf  it would expand their dance world.

 KIDS I love teaching kids, ( I taught ballet, modern, creative movement for years) but most parents don't think Belly Dance is for kids which is too bad. It is wonderful training for kids just like all dance is.

 I wish I had studied Belly Dance as a kid or in college .

 SOCIAL MEDIA I am a social media savant sharing Belly Dance passion. Ballet needs no explanaition.

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                     Ask if you have questions. Thanks for reading..........Barb ramble DONE ox :)                 


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