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2017 On Going Belly Dance T and W 6:30 - 8 

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IThe Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. Tiverton RI







"The Dancing Spirit is one of my favorite places to be. There is definitely something very magical

about dancing with Barbara on the carpet"

It is not just the carpet that is magical at The Dancing Spirit Studio, Barb herself is pure magic!

An excellent teacher of belly dance, she welcomes you into her world and her love of this dance/art form."

  "Barbara exudes excitement and passion for Belly Dance. You can't help but become entranced & engaged in a Dancing Spirit Studio class! She incorporates many forms of dance into her classes & is excellent at describing the movements so that you remember how to do them with proper form. This summer  I was introduced to Turkish, Egyptian, Gypsy, Flamenco & even Tribal Fusion . There is SO much more to belly dancing than I thought! I am the daughter of two dance instructors ( I grew up in a dance studio until 4th grade) but I don't consider myself a 'natural' dancer... I have trouble with my 'right & left' ,have to work hard to remember choreography! Barbara never makes me feel badly. There are students of all ages and body types in classes.  Join a class and let the movement and music enrich your life Thanks Barb!! xoxo

Barbara Derecktor Donahue.....she is always spreading the joy and art of dance, wherever she is. Keeping the spirit alive, of this ancient ritual dance. Connecting women. Changing the world. Xxx"

 " I started taking summer Belly dance classes with Barbara. I came to her, after years of tucking her studios number into my "someday" pile, via a Groupon offer for 10 classes. It was the best decision I made for myself in a long time! Barb teaches her classes like I imagine she'd teach her best girlfriends. She's fun and spontaneous, but cares about her craft and pushes you until you succeed. You'll discover that bellydance is challenging, but in the same wonderful way that yoga is challenging. You will feel sexier, taller, more present and learn something fun and interesting. Highly recommended! Highly...I think I've told every woman I know! 

Barbara is a talented teacher who always allows her students to flourish because she encourages her students to learn within their comfort level and in their own creative way."

"  I signed up again for Belly Dance fitness . I am so glad I walked through Barb's door. I joined with a group of "newbies", women of all ages, shapes, sizes and rhythms. For 2 hours we stretch, work muscles some of us never thought we had or that we lost. We have learned belly dance techniques that are fun and low impact. I am not going to a gym ,feeling self conscious about feeling silly on a piece of equipment that I don't know how to use. In Belly Dance classes I am my own piece of equipment that I am learning to sculpt & maneuver in my own way. If you are dying to do something fun, different, healthy ....it is time to think outside the box.Try Belly Dance Fitness

Barbara brings years of training, passion, and commitment to the form. Her choice to pursue belly dancing is a life choice and inspires all those around her.". "

 " Belly Dance fitness is an 1 1/2 hr  intense isometric, non-impact exercise for all ages in a non-judgmental, fun, relaxed atmosphere and you can create your own original dance.Don't know your right from left?  Belly Dance is for everyone. Learn to dance the way women have danced for centuries.  According to Barb, "If you can walk you can dance".  Give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can do.

Barbara is a consummate artist. She lives the dance. She has enabled me to learn the value of dance to my life and my creativity."

 "  There are myriad majestic, mysterious, and magical things going on with belly dance. Barb's class is a combination of fun, fitness, and fantasy.  Everyone feels like femme fatales in wonderful scarves and veils.  There is cultural education, enlightment and entertainment. ! Barb  has a great sense of humor, disciplined instruction and is a real encourager.  You should come!

Sensual, sensitive, poetic dancer. Just lovely to watch. I try to catch as many of Barbara's shows when she's in town. "

 "  The Dancing Spirit is a place you can go to be transformed spiritually emotionally and physically. You learn the wonders of your own body and use muscles you didnt even know you had! Go on a spiritual journey with Barb and you will never be the same !

Barbara is an amazing belly dance teacher and friend to all her students!!!! Very on point no exceptions. Love...."

"This dance class is an experience in realizing who you are and who you want to become. Barbara is a very unique and enthusiastic teacher who has a true love for the dance. The wonderful thing about this dance is that there is no prior experience needed. Everyone can join in.No matter what you look like or how old you are you can still learn something new and have fun in the process. I just started a few weeks ago but already I am seriously addicted to the dance, music, and spirit that goes along with it. This dance is so beautiful and not enough people know about it. I would recommend this studio to everyone

"Every class is a blast! Barbara is an excellent teacher, these classes can really make you feel like a princess, it's like an island for myself, where I feel beautiful ,wonderful, great. Ladies MUST try this class, one time and you will love it!! It is for all sizes, shapes and  ages,  for the princesses in all of us!

      "When I first walked into the studio I was welcomed by the faint sent of incense, vibrant colored costumes, and Barb's fun free spirit.I soon felt right at home and accepted. Barbra is a very genuine person who loves to share her knowledge and passion with the people around her. She understands that art, dance can be taught but is also felt and embodied by a person. In a short time in classes I have learned about individuality, expression, confidence, femininity, elegance as much as I have about belly dance. The dance is fun physical exercise & connects mind, body, and emotion.Belly dance teaches you much more than shimmies and hip circles. It is a truly beautiful art form that many people have not had the chance to appreciate.

Barb has only been my teacher for a short while, my cousin brought me to a class and I fell in love w/this studio and vibe! Barb is My Dance Angel not just a teacher!!! You will leave there feeling fantastic and want to go learn more. She's an Angel to be able to teach and have the patience to help me and others until your able to get it right, in a comfortable setting! I'm not good at following directions...ask anyone...but Barb "My Dance Angel" has been 1 of the Very Few people that can really guide, follow, keep my attention (which is very hard to do) and Listen to her while I'm still having fun and getting great workout! Not to mention you get to learn from the Best Dance teacher I've met but your in a very stunning, soothing and relaxing studio on the water. Just thinking of the aura at The Dancing Spirit Studio makes me want to go dance now....Thanks My Dance Angel!!!"

 Recommnedation -  "Barbara came to Extensions School of Dance to work with our Dance Intensive Students.She is a talented, creative instructor who presented our students with a memorable and detail-filled class. Belly Dance is a new genre for our students. Barbara led them through several dances,explained the movements with detail. Our classically trained dancers were able to "perform". Barbara brought notes,background information,hip scarves & veils and a drum accompanist . Barbara's Belly Dance class was a highlight of our camp week." 

                "Passion,compassion,femininity,grace,humility,love, an eye for excellence,accepts human imperfection,creative,not afraid to speak her mind, has a genuine interest in bringing out the best in you.Her aura,welcoming presence,invites you to join,participate,who you are in the moment.She has a kind, generous heart,exudes warmth, poise, grace wherever she goes. My teenage daughter and friend have been taking belly dance with her for a year and have grown in so many ways--self-esteem, assertiveness, poise, health, centeredness, light, responsibility, . . . .R. M, 2012

                  “Have you met Barbara? Many come away (I count myself as one of the "converted") with that special feeling she creates of infectious creativity, passion and warmth. Barbara is an artist of sincere dedication, both caring and connected. Seeing her dance and teach is to watch a transformation that brings a smile to all who attend her classes and performances.Ted, March 30, 2011

              “Barbara is one of the hardest working women in the belly dance arena. She is passionate and cares about dance, belly dance and the people she brings into belly dance. When she shares this dance whether in a performance or class she does it with her heart and a really beautiful smile. Barbara has put belly dance on the map in Tiverton, R.I.! Go check her classes out and you'll see why she is is truly a dancing spirit!” March 22, 2011  Angela Lambru, Owner/Designer, Decotach

             “Barbara is an artistic soul, always developing more research in the field of belly dance, and innovating her art. A talented performer, she never misses an opportunity to produce outstanding shows.” February 15, 2011  Sandrine Anterrion, Artistic Director, Begin the Biguine, dancewear.

              “Barbara is an inspirational teacher whose personal grace and beauty has transformed many students into confident women aware of their own beauty and grace and goddess nature.” August 6, 2010  Domenic D'Addio, Dr. of acupuncture

              “I recommend Barbara Donahue of the Dancing Spirit in Tiverton, RI. I have been participating in her  2x per week for over one year and I am hooked. It is wonderful combination of pilates and bellydance moves, sometimes with weights. This exercise has improved my body, form, posture, and confidence. The class is eclectic, fun and affordable. Thankyou Barbara!  November 10, 2009. Great Results, Good Value, Creative , Robin Furze

              “Barb Donahue is the most consistently adventurous, engaged and determined student of the dance that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have watched her grow from Martha Graham heiress to premier Producer of American Bellydance in her own authentic, original and compelling way. Barb sets standards and proves that rules are meant to be understood, memorized and broken with as much grace a a Goddess can muster.” October 1, 2009  Kimberly Skeen-Jones

              “Barbara's dancing spirit is a refreshing addition to the Rhode Island dance community. Her classes are fun and she offers lessons in a variety of styles of dance. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. Whether you are an experienced or novice dancer you will enjoy her classes. There is something there for everyone. I highly recommend stopping by her studio located on Main Rd in Tiverton, Rhode Island.” February 3, 2012 JaNell Henry,

               “Barbara's Dancing Spirit, "Temple by the Sea" is the most serenely inviting place a person could hope to find as their place of dancing solace. As an instructor, Barbara is amazing, taking a dancing novice from a flustering, stumbling amateur to someone who finds herself standing taller, and even practicing footwork in the library! Barbara's patience is incredible and I am thankful for her both therapeutic and fun belly dance lessons in Tiverton.I consider Barbara not only a teacher, but a friend, and would recommend her as an instructor or as a talented dancer to anyone. The Dancing Spirit is, truly, a gift to our community!” November 22, 2010, Lana Georgiou, Student, Brandeis University

               “I study with Barbara at her Dancing Spirit studio in Tiverton RI. She is so full of life, color and spirit. I would recommend anyone to attend her dance classes. They will bring joy to your spirit. She dances from her heart and soul. Something we all need to experience.” February 25, 2010  Bonnie Blue, Owner, Sea Star Treasures from Out of the Blue

              BARBARATES - Dance/ Pilates w/Barb "Best shape of my life,increased strength of core,arms,legs,Improved posture,awareness of good posture,feel happier,better coordination,balance, flexibility, fluidity,more confidence,feel encouraged,personal attention......B W

Barbara is a very passionate and capable teacher. She brings her technical knowledge as a modern dancer to her teaching of belly dance. She is also a talented choreographer. I would recommend taking her dance classes to all ages."

             Barb,one of a kind artist, committed to dance,passion as way of life, unequalled. What sets her apart is her drive & commitment. Remy,my 11 yr old,dancer since 2, is a very strong dancer. Barb expanded her expression in a special new way. Barb sees talent,works with strengths,introduces new ideas.The mix of the styles is stunning. Barb understands making dance with fun & creativity. She is a patient ,knows when to push or to have humore to bring out the best in you. Derek Escher

Barbara brings the deep wisdom of an ancient lineage to modern women as more than a simple physical discipline, but as a wholistic approach to our well being. Every woman at any age can enjoy the benefits of bellydance, especially as taught by Barbara!

             I have been studying classical dance (modern, ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical) for 9 years (I’m 10 years old).  A big part of Belly Dance is being proud and feeling like a princess. From what I have learned Belly dance should not have its’ name, it should be called Body dance because you use your entire body. The dance that I’m going to perform is a mix between Oriental Belly dance and Modern dance. Barb and I will perform a drum solo together. Both Barbara and I have worked really hard but it was really enjoyable! - Remy Escher  

I've seen Barbara perform, teach and interact with people in a consistently graceful, courteous and sincere way. I highly recommend her for her teaching abilities and professional demeanor. She manages to include and honor all skill levels in her classes."

            I am lucky to have Barbara as my teacher. She has introduced me into a world of a lot more than dance, it is not just about learning movements, it is about letting the goddess in me come out and dance. This feels soothing to the spirit and my body learns new more graceful ways to move. Barbara is very passionate about allowing women to find the princess and dancer in them (and she is defini tely a talented dancer and teacher). Barbara is able to carve an entryway into the art of bellydance for us, people with two left feet.The effect of her class is like candy for my self esteem, after her class I feel more attractive and walk and feel taller. And this feeling better about myself carries on long after the class.Barbara is truly passionate about the dance in a deeper way than a bunch of movements, but dance as a way to hand to others a way to express themselves and their own femininity.I highly recommend her classes to people any age as a means to better ourselves, and to better undestand ourselves. she is patient and able to work with anybody. barbara offers classes for children as well. My kids have enjoyed her classes, and will take more. What they learn is not mechanical dance, they have fun and learn that they all look and dance in their own way and all have something different & special to offer.Ursula

Barbara is truly an artist who has stood the test of time. She continues to inspire children and adults with her work at the Dancing Spirit Studio. We have know each other for almost 40 years and Barbara still has the same youthful energy she did when we were just starting out!"

          Barbara truly is a dancing spirit. Her generosity is boundless. Her love of the dance is admirable. Her passion is contagious... and her studio is beautiful. Take a class with her and get in touch with your beauty. Blanca

Barbara, Is a true dancing spirit with an extensive, technical dance background. She breathes dance and is an excellent teacher. Breaking down steps and explaining it all makers anyone want to try to dance . I highly recommend Barbara as a teacher for beginner through professional."


Barbara is a Master at her craft! A wonderfully gifted teacher and professional, she can teach even beginners like me, with No formal dance training and make us look fantastic! 
Barbara's extensive training in the field of dance, gives her a flair and understanding like no other instructor out there. Cynthia Fontaine The RI Medium-"           

         When you enter Babara Donahues Dance studio on Main Rd. in Tiverton, R.I you enter a different dance world of color ,drama , fantasy, full of warmth, spirit and beauty. Beautiful shawls/ veils of all colors, an oriental rug and framed mirrors combine to make a special environment. On a chair or on the carpeted floor you are welcomed to watch the most beautiful dancers, including of course Barbara, The Dancing Spirit with her friends from Providence and N.Y. The dances are full of variety but one is struck especially by the fluidity, elegance ,grace and variety of movement interpreting the very enchanting middle eastern music.
Jane Sanford


Barbara is a top notch dancer /choreographer with massive experience and a wealth of dance moves drawn from a wide variety of dance art forms. She is an excellent teacher who models not only correct technique and body alignment but also the drama and the joy of each and every dance, using absolutely wonderful music. Barbara is a huge inspiration to anyone who loves to dance."

            My sister Barb, the dancing spirit embodies so much joy and light when she dances it is infectious to every one in the room. She loves to share her joy with the world as a huge invitation to come and play with her, with the spirit that unites us all, to love our bodies exactly the way they are and love how it feels to move them to music, the pure joy of it. She has helped so many to begin the tender journey of loving being embodied, a spirit in a body moving around in the joy of existence. To have her dance for you, teach you, perform for and with you is a delight in every way. May her radiant presence ripple out into your world so that you may touch some of the spirit that she invokes for us all to behold.Lizzy.September 29, 2011 by Elizabeth Derecktor in East Boothbay, ME
 Check out Lizzy's beautiful spirit wear - hand painted silk chiffon - my favorite dance skirts www.spiritwear.ws and great drumming music to dance www.inanna.com ox" - September 29, 2011

Dilara Sultan http://www.Hip Mix.net  - Barbara's your gal! Ballet, Modern,Middle Eastern, Oriental Belly Dance, Creative Movement. She is an amazing artist!

Barbara is a ubiquitous dance presence in Tiverton Ri and the surrounding area, running a Dance Studio for decades and performing extensively with her students and in solo with musicians. When I moved here a decae ago someone told I ought meet "The Dance Lady" Barbara as that is my professional field.  Barbara generously creates fund raisers in the community. I performed solos in one she danced in and directed. She is generous with her talent, energy and time.Certainly she is a unique belly dancer, trained in many forms of dance and fitness. Namaste Caryl Sickul ~ RIVER OF LIGHT STUDIO, Movement Specialist, Yoga Instructor, Dance Soloist."


                                         A Dance Season 

             1) 1st yr long, 2 x a wk Teen Tiger Lily      2) Four Corners Arts Show 2011 - Veil Parade,Goddess Delight, Mel ( Boston), Anam Cara,10 Dancing Spirit Skirts      3) SEPT, SOAH,Coastal Roasters, OCT - Classes, Dartmouth,Martial Arts Studio    4) Nov. Meeting House show -Secial guests Alessandra Belloni(Italy), Allison Messier, Opera,Derek Escher,Red Eye Flight, Remy Escher, Bella Donna on drum,Kara- Opera, Judy, Sayo, Neylan, Samara, Anam Cara, Goddess Delight ,Tempest, Tiger Lilys,10 Dancing Spirit Coats & Veils      5) Feb - Heart Show with Opera & many fusion Belly Dancers      6) March - Mask Show with many fusion Belly Dancers, Sayos sword quart     7) May - World Shimmy Mob #2, Gea - 9, 1st solo   8) May - Tiger Lily Show,Their Duets, Solos, Erica's 1st solo, Gea's 1st    9) Angelinas Senior Project    10) Angels Graduation Belly Dance party   11) Karens 1st restaurant party show debut   12) Angel, my 1st teaching assistant  13) Chair decorating,chair dances  14) First summer session offering Belly Dance Fitness and Belly Dance arts which lead to Four Corners 2012 - Opening Dance Tuta, Drum Solo-12 Dancing Spirits ages 18 - 70, Anam Cara, Sayo, Kali, Ursula,Belly Donna, Ameena,Janell, Judy, Tiger Lilys, " True Love duet with Barb & Angel"  15) SOAH 2012, 7 Bodacoius Gypsy Skirts on Evelyns 9 x 12 stage, Barb's Egyptian Style solo & Sayo's Sword tribal Fusion    16)  Gypsy Flamenco workshop with wonderful Dalylah   17) 1st Doulble class with Barb and Sayo teaching   17) Amazing workshop with Dynamic Duo Morwenna and Walid from California teaching Dance and Drum   18) First Senior Project with Carley for Ballet ot Belly Dance  19) Dec 29 Studio Hafla